16 Dec 2022

Mimi Takes Five - #228

ONE // Gold Sequin Dress
I have been searching for the perfect gold sequin dress for years now. I've had an idea in my head of just the right shade of gold and silhouette. Lo and behold, H&M delivered my dream dress this year! This shimmering beauty is a true wrap style, which I always prefer over a faux wrap to get the perfect fit. I'm loving the long sleeves because it's hard to find festive clothing with coverage for winter. This dress is fully lined and the material has a slight stretch to it making it very comfortable. I'm not sure that I'll get around to wearing it this year, but I just couldn't let it pass me by. I love it so much part of me wants to wait for just the right occasion to wear it. But I also try not to do that and just wear my clothes and enjoy them. I'll try to find a good time to bust it out this holiday season. It's just too good not to wear!

TWO // Christmas Cards
I finally got my Christmas cards in the mail on Wednesday. Let me tell you, it was a real feat this year... After being sick for the better part of a month, I had fallen way behind on making my cards. I'm usually done making them by the time December comes around, but only started making them on the fifth this year. Not off to a great start. Seeing as I was so late, I decided to only make half the amount I normally make. I cut my job in half, but it still took everything I had to make them, write the messages, stuff the envelopes (which I realized I didn't have at the last minute so had to improvise), and get them to the post-office because I also ran out of stamps. I'm just hoping the cards make it to their respective destinations before Christmas Day. At this point, that would be a miracle, but I have hope! I'm also thinking of starting next year's card like, now. 

THREE // Penguin Sanitizer Holder
Keeping with my new tradition of swapping out my purse hand-sanitizer holder with the seasons, I got this cutie little penguin for the holidays. It's also from Bath & Body Works because that's where I get my sanitizers and they are designed to fit perfectly. Besides, their offerings are always the cutest! While I could have opted for a more Christmasy option, I chose the penguin because I think I'll be able to carry it for most of the winter. This one also has a cute feature where it has built-in twinkling lights that are button-activated. So cute and practical!

FOUR // 12 Days of Puzzles
Anyone who's been following for a while knows that I'm a puzzle fanatic. I love getting lost in a complex puzzle for hours on end. Naturally, when I came across this 12 days of Christmas puzzle calendar, I could not resist! I'd seen a few different advent puzzle calendars, but I wanted one that was at least a bit challenging. I love the images in this particular one and each puzzle is 80 pieces, perfect for a little daily dose of puzzling. The best part is that I can take it out every year and do the puzzles all over again. I sense a little tradition in the making...

FIVE // Festive Bath Bombs
A change of season is a perfect reason to go get special bath bombs. I really enjoyed the two I got this fall, so wanted to get a couple Christmas options. I settled on the Snow Dragon and the Magical Santa. The dragon has a citrus scent and popping candy. I recently used a bath bomb with popping candy and it was so fun! At first, I didn't know what was going on until I looked it up and realized what it was, ha ha! Now, I'll know what to expect. The santa bomb also has a citrus smell (I'm sure you can scents a theme here...) and promises a rainbow show, so that should also make for a fun bath experience. 

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