1 Nov 2018

Ever Blushing

I'm totally digging the evergreen and blush combinations! I was inspired by Blair Eadie to give it a go. I reached for my go-to blush pleated midi skit and added a slightly darker turtleneck and lighter pink belt. I like that none of the items are the same shade of pink, yet all seem to work in perfect harmony! I added the evergreen cardigan and black watch plaid scarf for some mega contrast! I would have worn evergreen tights if I had any, but the black glitter ones were close enough. I also chose my beige booties, but against the pink, I find they take on a pinkier hue. This could merely be my imagination, but I'm running with it! To keep the cohesiveness going, I wore my evergreen plaid coat for an extra dose of print because one can (hardly) ever have too much print in one's life!

Turtleneck: Dynamite | Skirt: Zara (similar) | Belt: Dynamite (similar) | Sweater: Old Navy (similar) | Scarf: Jacob (similar) | Earrings: Peermont (similar) | Tights: Old Navy (similar) | Coat: H&M (similar) | Beret: Simons | Booties: Old Navy

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