25 Nov 2018

Mimi Takes Five - #26

ONE // Reindeer Brooch
The brooch obsession lives on. I could not resist this cute reindeer with the pearl details. How precious is it? It's festive, yet not over the top. I will totally wear this one all winter long. It's a beautiful silvery colour that will go with everything and give my looks a touch of whimsy. It also really reminds me of one of my favourite reindeer stamps. I've used it many times for my Christmas cards and I never tire of it because it's so gorgeous!

TWO // Teal Velvet Pants
Velvet it back in full force this year so I decided to get some teal velvet pants. I already have a purple pair from a couple years ago and did not hesitate to get this year's Pixie version. Let me just say how incredibly comfortable these are! They have a nice stretch to them and give you that warm, cozy feeling. It's almost like wearing pyjamas, but with all the style points! I'm thinking I should get them in even more colours...

THREE // I Believe Mug
My sister knows me so well! She surprised me with this mug the other day and she could not have found a more perfect one! This sums me up, no need to say more. She gave it to me early because she figured it would come in handy once I start my 24-Days of Tea advent calendar! Could she be any more awesome?

FOUR // Festive Flannel PJs
Nothing rhymes with Christmas more than a new set of flannel PJs! For as long as I can remember, I've been a fan of flannel pyjamas. I am always cold and need all the help I can get come the winter months, so this material has been a life-saver. Seeing as I love cozying up on the couch with a Hallmark Christmas movie and a warm cup of tea, I spend a lot of time in my PJs on the weekends, so a cute festive theme is in order! I got this pair at Giant Tiger and they are awesome! I've now gotten them there for three years in a row and they are under $20! I seriously can't get enough of them! These would make perfect gifts for your friends and family! 

FIVE // Charlie Brown Vinyl
I walked into Chapters the other day and obviously did not leave empty-handed. I absolutely love going to Chapters, especially at this time of year! There is just that cozy, welcoming and festive vibe that gets me into the Christmas spirit. To me, this place is like a cave of wonders, I love everything! I was just browsing when I came across this Charlie Brown Christmas vinyl. I couldn't resist! A Charlie Brown Christmas is as classic as it gets for Christmas time and the music takes me back to my childhood and the nostalgia feels are real. Seeing as we have a few record players, I just had to have it! My fiancĂ© is not a huge fan of Christmas music (bah humbug!) but he loves jazz, and it's in record format, so he was ok with this choice. He even said that he'll "allow" me to play this particular Christmas music during the holidays. Ha! Like I need his permission! I'll put this one in the win pile! The music is actually amazing thought. This will be playing on repeat and I'll even pull out the Peanut gang's dancing moves to get my Christmas groove on!

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