4 Nov 2018

Mimi Takes Five - #23

ONE //Fascinator
I didn't get to attend many weddings this year, but was happy to have a reason to get dressed up for one in town. I will post the entire look tomorrow, but in the meantime, here are the different pieces that made up my fabulous wedding attire!

Let's kick things off with the pièce de résistance, shall we? I've always been a fan of fascinators and don't miss the chance to wear one. This one is a show-stopper and the newest addition to my collection rebuild. It's a gorgeous shade of taupe that leans towards blush. It's a headband style (my preferred style) and, although imposing, is quite lightweight. I booked a salon appointment and my sister hooked me up with this fabulous updo to complement the head wear. She is starting to really get the hang of working with this type of head piece thanks to my fascination! 

On a lighter note, I have to share my fiancé's first impression of my fancy fascinator. When I first received it, I tried it on and was really excited to show him. Well, let's just say his reaction did not disappoint. He immediately said I looked like Princess Atta from a Bug's Life! I howled with laughter because I immediately got the reference and it was spot on! Now, I can't think of this fascinator without giggling a bit. We sure smiled at lot when we caught sight of one another throughout the evening because of our little inside joke!

TWO // Bracelet
I got this lovely, dainty adjustable cuff bracelet. I like the rose gold tone to it and it's quite light. I wanted to keep the jewelry simple because the hat and dress are very imposing. I opted for simple cluster stud earrings and a dainty bracelet. I was going for a hint of glint and think this was the perfect finishing touch!

THREE // Velvet Clutch
No fancy going-out look would be complete without a practical clutch. I opted for a burgundy velvet box clutch with gold tassel. It's big enough for my phone, ID, money and lipstick. I tend to also bring another tote back with me at weddings with a change of shoes and a pashmina or stole for those highly air-conditioned rooms. The velvet material is perfect for fall and winter because it's warmer and more textured. It goes very well with other heavier fabrics worn during the colder months. Think silk, fur, suede and the likes.

Four // Rose Intarsia Dress
Second to the fascinator is the dress! How amazing is this gorgeous rose intarsia dress? The voluminous skirt and modest cut give it a slight vintage and timeless feel. The silhouette gives me hints of Audrey Hepburn while the bold brocade-style fabric has a nice weight to it and makes the skirt fall very well. I tend to choose heavier fabrics at this time of year and think they pair well with tights and layers. I could have added a crinoline to the dress for even more volume, but my crinoline was too long for this particular dress. The blush colour is also a favourite of mine lately and I can't resist pairing it with burgundy accessorize to warm it up and make it the perfect colour combination for fall.

FIVE //Burgundy Belt
Speaking of burgundy accessories, I can't pass up a bold waist belt! This haircalf leather one is bold, yet unimposing. It accentuates the waist perfectly and, again, emphasizes the vintage feel of the look. I believe in the power of great accessorizing and that is precisely what this belt achieves. It's a powerful statement piece! I plan on wearing this belt a lot in the coming months and think it will look smashing over a winter coat or with a midi skirt. Belts are definitely one of my preferred accessories and for good reason! They always seem to be the best finishing touch to any look!

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