18 Nov 2018

Mimi Takes Five - #25

ONE // Wedding Tasting
We have finally gotten around to having our wedding tasting with our caterer! I'm not going to lie, I've been anticipating this day for a while now! Seeing as our venue has no working kitchen yet, we've outsourced our catering needs and found this awesome caterer. Because our wedding is out of town, we are choosing to support local vendors and source out people from the area near our venue. This means a bit more traveling on our part for meetings and the like, but it's turning out to be so worth it!

Back to the food! Our chef actually tailored a menu to our theme and it has blown our minds! I'm a foodie to begin with and the food has totally surpassed my expectations. I won't give away any more details on the food items themselves until after the wedding, but our guests are in for a real treat and I have no doubts the food will be memorable!

TWO // Mustard Sweater
This cozy mustard sweater has been a real comfort to wear. It's thick, yet lightweight, making it a joy to wear. It's like wearing a hug all day! The colour is warm and comforting and I plan on wearing it beyond fall, even though my fiancĂ© says I look like a literal mustard bottle! He always has the most interesting things to say about my clothing: I love his perspective! As long as I avoid wearing this sweater with my (ketchup) red pants, I should be good. I happen to love the condiment of the same shade, so the way I see it, it's a compliment!

THREE // Atlantic-Pacific Skirt 
At long last, my Halogen x Atlantic-Pacific skirt has arrived! This is a blogger collection I was stalking on social media and anticipated for so long! I've admired Blair's sense of style and love of bold and colourful dressing for a while now and her collection is absolute perfection! I was bummed to find out my local Nordstrom would not be carrying the collection. Seeing as I'd have to buy online (and pay duties) on whatever items I would purchase, I limited myself to only one item. The decision process was not an easy one, but I ultimately settled on this plaid pencil skirt. I adored the coat in the same print, but I figured I'd get more wear out of a statement skirt and that my styling options would be greater. Let me just say the quality of this piece is amazing, I am impressed! The navy, baby blue and pink palette is what dreams are made of and my head is already buzzing with outfit possibilities! Stay tuned to see how I wear it!

FOUR // Navy Booties
I have been searching high and low for some cute navy booties! I find navy footwear of any kind hard to come by, yet they are such a basic. Someone told me once that it's because the dye to make navy is so expensive. I'm not sure what to make of that, but I know that from experience, navy shoes are harder to find. Anyways, I was crossing through the Bay the other day and saw these booties in the sale bin the middle of the aisle. They immediately caught my eye because they were the perfect shade of navy suede, the block heel was perfect, and the zipper was a simple embellishment. These were basically the booties I was praying for! Unfortunately, my size was nowhere to be found, so I turned to the Website. I found them in my size and on sale! The best part is that they are super comfortable. That's always a bonus when you don't get to try on the shoes before purchasing them. They will go so perfectly with my new Atlantic-Pacific skirt featured above!

FIVE // Purple Beanie
This beanie has got to be the softest, comfiest one I've worn in years! It stretches nicely because of the looser stitch and covers my ears and forehead without being too tight and leaving a big line behind. The purple shade is deep and rich and the contrasting pompom adds a hint of whimsy! This is the perfect addition to my ever-growing tuque collection... I live in Canada, so it's totally justified! I can look cute AND stay warm. I was eying the matching mittens at Chapters the other day and the other colours the hat comes in... Definitely a great item to add to a Christmas wish list! Speaking of wish lists, I've been compiling a bunch of gift ideas on my Pinterest board. I will be adding to it all season long so be sure to keep an eye out for ideas!      

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