16 Nov 2018

Sweater Late Than Never

I busted out the felt fedora, and it's about time! I've been preferring berets as of late, but I still hold a soft spot for my floppy felt hats. I haven't been wearing them much lately, but better late than never! Today's colour palette is navy, plum and taupe: a perfect warm hue combination. I'm really loving the OTK boots with shorts. It's unexpected and gives great proportions! I obviously wore a plaid shirt because they are life! I honestly don't know what I'd wear if there was no such thing as plaid? I mean, 90% of my fall/winter looks involve plaid in some capacity. It's a classic for a reason and I wear the heck out of it! Also, sweaters. I would literally not survive a Canadian winter without sweaters, more specifically layered sweaters. I have a slight obsession with layering shirts and sweaters and I won't apologize for it. It's warm, preppy and offers endless styling possibilities, so I won't tire of this technique anytime soon. Get used to seeing it!

Shirt: BP. (similar) | Sweater: Banana Republic (similar) | Shorts: H&M (similar) | Tights: Old Navy | Necklace: Ricki's (similar) | Earrings: (old) (similar) | Hat: Old Navy (similar) | Boots: Giorgio Costa (similar)

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